Fundamentals of Occlusion


  • Jonathan Wiens


This interactive book establishes a fundamental knowledge and reference base for students of dental occlusion. The ten chapters include occlusal terminology, anatomy and physiology, occlusal instruments, equilibration methodology, temporomandibular disorders (TMD) and associated neuromusculature, and diagnosis and treatment plans.

Chapter List:

1: Glossary
2: Anatomy & Physiology
3: Occlusal Instruments
4: Occlusal Disorders & Equilibration
5: Temporomandibular Disorders & Management
6: Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
7: Removable Prosthodontic Occlusion
8: Fixed Prosthodontic Occlusion
9: Implant Prosthodontic Occlusion
10: Advanced Occlusal Concepts

Published Date: 2015
Page Count:  682 , File Size: 260 Mb

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Fundamentals of Occlusion