Grossman’s Endodontic Practice, 13th Edition


B.Suresh Chandra

V. Gopikrishna


It incorporates the changes that have occurred in endodontic theory and practice in terms of materials, concepts and protocols. The presentation of the concepts and techniques has also been revised. Key features: two new chapters: endodontic emergencies and regenerative endodontics added clinical notes highlighting the pertinent important clinical aspects of the topic being discussed several new case reports illustrating the conceptual and clinical discussions in detail over 1200 illustrations comprising relevant line diagrams, clinical photographs, radiographs and histological slides a visual master class dvd, presenting videos of important clinical procedures.

ISBN: 978-8184739176

Published Date: 2014

Page Count:  576 , File Size: 115 Mb

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Newer 14th edition also available:

Grossman’s Endodontic Practice, 14th Edition

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