Handbook of Tooth Morphology: A Carving Manual




This book has been written with the requirements for students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate dentistry courses in mind. To the authors’ knowledge, several standard tooth morphology books are available; however, the numerous voluminous texts becomes difficult for students to utilize during examination preparation. Therefore, this concise book (although never intended to replace standard textbooks) acts as a fast revision tool and describes examination oriented questions, emphasizing in-depth morphological aspects and carving steps for each permanent tooth in this subject on a single platform. Thus this book enlightens the target audience in a simple, logical and well-structured manner, compiled from information found within all standard textbooks of this field. It promotes and enables focused learning on the topic by sharing essential information from the basics to the level of postgraduate students pursuing specialized courses in dentistry.

ISBN: 978-1-53612-443-9

Published Date: 2017

Page Count: 262  , File Size: 8 Mb

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