Invisible Orthodontics: Current Concepts and Solutions in Lingual Orthodontics

Invisible Orthodontics
  • Giuseppe Scuzzo
  • Kyoto Takemoto

The steady increase in patient demand for esthetic orthodontic treatment has led to major advances in the field of lingual orthodontics. This technique not only provides an esthetic solution for patients; it also offers many biomechanical advantages for the orthodontist. This book addresses the daily clinical challenges of providing lingual orthodontic treatment and offers a reliable, systematic approach to treatment techniques. It also presents recent technological advances, such as a new lingual bracket that offers high mechanical control. A useful book for all orthodontists interested in becoming adept at one of the most modern treatment philosophies available.

ISBN: 9783876521817
Published Date: 2003
Page Count:  176 , File Size: 76 Mb

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