Malocclusion: Causes, Complications and Treatment


  • Mohammad Khursheed Alam
  • Irfan Qamruddin
  • Kathiravan Purmal


Most people have some degree of malocclusion. Malocclusions have a strong hereditary component as an etiologic factor, both in families and in ethnic and racial groups. This phenotype can be recognized at an early age and becomes progressively more evident with growth, appearing as one of the main factors that force patients to seek orthodontic treatment. The goal of orthodontic treatment is not only ensuring the alignment of the teeth, jaw relationship, function and aesthetic but also improving self-esteem and quality of life. This e-book about orthodontics will describe such information and knowledge concerning malocclusion in a logical way that can generate better knowledge regarding the treatment effectiveness of malocclusion, facilitate assessment and provide the momentum needed for a sustained upgrade in the standards of care of patients in daily orthodontics.

The authors of this book have worked hard to manifest their ideas scientifically. Reading the works of all of these authors has been educating and has exposed the depth of their understanding and abilities. Though this book is anticipated for general dental practitioners and undergraduate students in the field, it will also act as a convenient compendium for postgraduates as well.

ISBN: 978-1-53613-124-6

Published Date: 2018

Page Count: 350 , File Size: 5 Mb

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Malocclusion: Causes, Complications and Treatment

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