Jaypee’s Dental Dictionary


Gupta Priya Verma, Gupta LC, Sarabahi Sujata


The world of dental sciences has changed dramatically over the last two decades and simultaneously so has the public awareness about dental health increased many folds. To provide qualified health managers new dental colleges and superspecialities are developing fast. All learning in science is based on education in vocabulary. Mostly dictionaries are concerned with words while encyclopedias explain the object which describes the word to be understood and used correctly. This second edition of “Jaypee’s Dental Dictionary” is being divided into three sections, i.e., dictionary, appendices and colour plates. Appendices come with valuable information which will be handy for the students starting their journey in the field of dentistry. The addition of latest photographs and figures will help the readers to understand the vocabulary in a better way. As this compilation is a balanced product between dictionary and encyclopaedia, we have tried to incorporate all new updates that will help the students to familiarise themselves with new vocabulary.

ISBN: 978-93-85891-49-6

Published Date: 2017

Page Count: 746  , File Size: 81 Mb

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