Orthodontics and Microimplants: Complete Technique, Step by Step

  • Pablo Echarri,
  • Tae-Weon Kim,
  • Lorenzo Favero,
  • Hee-Jin Kim

According to our beliefs, one of the most important events in modern history of orthodontics is the appearance of microimplants. The challenge to 3rd Newton’s law (every action provokes reaction) can be achieved by means of skeletal anchorage, but the use of zygomatic ligatures, mini plates, etc., hasn’t been so wide due to technical difficulties. With microimplants, absolute anchorage has been made available to all the orthodontists thanks to its simple method and to its satisfactory cost-benefit relation.
With this book, we wanted to carry out bibliographic research and at the same time to share our clinical experience in microimplants ‘ use, systemizing their indications to make the initiation of those orthodontist who want to start to use microimplants easy and as a summary of a technique for those who already have experience with them.
This book can be used in two ways: as a textbook for deepening and updating the orthodontic knowledge with microimplants, or as a chair-side manual because the case classification and a high number of schemes clearly explain how to use them, based on our experience.

ISBN: 978-84-611 -6062-4

Published Date: 2007

Page Count: 356  , File Size: 106 Mb

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