Manual of Retainers in Orthodontics


Jeyaraman Prithiviraj


This Manual of Retainers in Orthodontics is an all-inclusive primer which essentially is deemed to provide dental students and practitioners an insight into orthodontic retainers. Orthodontists have long since been aware of the fact that teeth that have been moved in or through the bone by mechanical appliances have a tendency to return to their former position. The type of retentive measures and the duration of their use allegedly are determined by how many teeth have been moved and how far, the occlusion and age of the patient. Many appliance types have been used for the retention of post-treatment tooth position. This book provides expedient information on a wide array of retainers that have been used in the past with no intent of remarking the benefits of one over the other. Given that there is a dearth of a comprehensive account of orthodontic retainers, the theme harbored interest which stemmed the idea behind the conception of this manual. This manual presents various clinical scenarios with supporting literature substantiation, assisting the reader with easier preferences during their clinical practice. With the future of orthodontics hurtling at a swift pace, there would be a need to revise this manual to expand prospects for readers of orthodontics.

ISBN: 978-93-5152-358-1

Published Date: 2014

Page Count: 67 , File Size: 4 Mb


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