Master the Dental Hygienist Exam

Master the Dental Hygienist Exam

Peterson’s Master the Dental Hygienist Exam is a comprehensive study guide with 2 full practice tests. It also offers essential test preparation help and user-friendly tips on subject review for those seeking to become dental hygienists or to advance their dental hygienist careers.
Readers will find the information they need to know about
– the role of dental hygienists
– the steps to becoming a dental hygienist and
– preparation and practice to succeed on the two components of the National Board Dental Hygiene Exam (NBDHE)
Part 1: offers helpful background information on the career of a dental hygienist, including educational requirements, salary and benefits, employment outlook, and advancement opportunities in the field. This section also offers tips on how to become an accredited dental hygienist.
Part 2: provides a diagnostic test of your strengths and weaknesses on the test subject areas so you can prepare to score well on the exam. Focus on areas that need more study and increase your score!
Part 3
Subject areas for Component A of the NBDHE exam include
– Scientific basis questions on areas such as Microbiology and Immunology
– Clinical Dental Hygiene services questions, such as medical emergencies
– Community health and research questions, including promoting health and preventing disease
Subject areas for Component B of the NBDHE exam include
– Case-based questions, including
– Patient categories
– Case components
Part 4 includes two full practice tests of both Components of the exam.
Understand your results and improve your score on the practice tests by reviewing the answer key and studying the explanations of the answers.

ISBN: 9780768933680
Published Date: 2011
Page Count:  352 , File Size: 10 Mb

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