Mastering the BDS 1st Year (Last 25 Years Solved Questions)

Mastering the BDS Ist Year (Last 25 Years Solved Questions)


  • Hemant Gupta


Exam orienting book with unique collection of last 25 years solved questions. Extensively revised and updated chapters to provide knowledge of present era. A highly structured, user-friendly; systemic and attractive layout. Illustrations and high quality photographs are given with explanatory legends for easy explanation of text. General Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology sections are rewritten and answers of previous editions are changed due to change in concepts and inculcation of new researches. Consists of solved papers of year 2018 and also some new additions are made in formatting of book for better presentation. Answers are given in point-wise manner for the clear overview and eye catching remembrance. Proper H&E stained histological figures are given in color plates which help students to understand the General Histology easily. The text, multiple choice questions (MCQs) and fill in the blanks aids students in preparation of Viva-Voce as well as provides basis for competitive examinations Provides clinical overview in various chapters for highlighting the clinical applications. 

ISBN: 9789352705757
Published Date: 2019
Page Count:  795 , File Size: 36 Mb

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Mastering the BDS Ist Year (Last 25 Years Solved Questions)