Microimplants in Orthodontics, 5th Edition (Dentos)


  • Jae-Hyum Sung
  • Hee-Moon Kyung
  • Seong-Min Bae
  • Hyo-Sang Park


This book is a work from original developers of the microimplant technique, who spread the technique to the world since 1998. With this book, clinicians can get every detailed information concerning surgical placement, placement site, related treatment mechanics, and treated cases with various types of malocclusion.


  • Chapter 01 : The History of Skeletal Anchorage in Orthodontics
  • Chapter 02 : Selection of Microimplant Sites and Sizes
  • Chapter 03 : The Development of New Orthodontic Microimplants and Their Clinical Applications
  • Chapter 04 : Surgical Procedures for Microimplant Placement
  • Chapter 05 : Biomechanical Considerations in Microimplant Anchorage
  • Chapter 06 : Clinical Examples of Microimplant Anchorage
  • Chapter 07 : Success and Failure Rates of Miniscrews and Microimplants


Published Date: 2008

Page Count: 178  , File Size: 48 Mb

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