Oral Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, 4th Edition


Barry K.B Berkovitz; G. R. Holland


New edition of a now classic textbook covering oral anatomy, histology and embryology suitable for dental students and candidates for post-graduate dental examinations.

  • Presents a unique, integrative approach to oral dental science by covering aspects of gross anatomy, tooth morphology, radiology, oral histology and embryology in one volume
  • Features approximately 1100 high-quality colour images, one quarter of which are previously unpublished
  • Contains useful ‘clinical application’ boxes to clearly show relevance of subject area to routine dental practice
  • Completely revised section on tooth morphology with improved specimens and digital photography
  • Contains a new chapter on the effects of ageing to highlight the important changes taking place in the oro-dental tissues in an increasingly ageing population
  • New design aids learning by the inclusion of clearer diagrams and high quality, larger format digital images

ISBN: 9780723435839

Published Date: 2009

Page Count: 408, File Size  70 Mb

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Newer 5th edition also available:

Oral Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, 5th Edition

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