Orthodontic Handbook for Dental Assistants

Orthodontic Handbook for Dental Assistants
  • Kazuki Kasai
  • Naoto Suda
  • Kazuhito Arai
  • Hiroyuki Miura

This handbook covers the basic knowledge of orthodontics and orthodontic treatment necessary for dental assistants, presented with photographs and illustrations that will make topics easy to understand. Each chapter begins with learning objectives and ends with a quiz so that readers can get the most out of the materials presented. Topics include the many types of oral conditions and malocclusion that dental assistants may come across and strategies to correct them, interacting with patients of different ages and levels of oral hygiene, and all of the different tools and appliances that will be used on a daily basis. This practical manual is invaluable not only for students but for practicing dental assistants and hygienists who want a concise and useful guide to reference in their work.

ISBN: 9780867157444
Published Date: 2017
Page Count:  136 , File Size: 10 Mb

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Orthodontic Handbook for Dental Assistants