Orthodontic Miniscrew Implants: Clinical Applications

  • Cheol-Ho Paik,
  • In-Kwon Park
  • Youngjoo Judie Woo
  • Tae-Woo Kim  

Orthodontic movements that are considered difficult to accomplish with traditional methods can be achieved with minimal patient cooperation by using miniscrew implants. This book brings together the knowledge and experience of leading experts from Korea and focuses on the clinical applications of the miniscrew implant providing an easy step-by-step guide to this emerging and effective means of treatment. Highly practical in approach, the book demonstrates how miniscrew implants can be used to simplify orthodontic treatment and address more complex cases that have traditionally presented considerable challenge to the practitioner.

  • Designed as an easy-to-read guide to the use of miniscrew implant anchorage in everyday practice
  • Profusely illustrated with high-quality colour photographs and line diagrams
  • Practical, step-by-step approach to the subject with numerous case examples
  • Prepared by leading authorities in the field
  • Ideal for the orthodontist wishing to adopt the technique for the first time

ISBN: 978-0-7234-3402-3

Published Date: 2009

Page Count: 261  , File Size: 23 Mb

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