Pharmacology for Dentistry, 4th Edition

Pharmacology for Dentistry, 4th Edition


  • Tara Shanbhag
  • Smita Shenoy
  • Veena Nayak


Pharmacology for Dentistry, 4th Edition is thoroughly revised and updated. Following recent developments and advances in pharmacology, the book provides factual, conceptual and applied aspects of the subject. It is designed to meet the needs of students pursuing undergraduate courses in dentistry and for practicing dentists.

Key Features:

Full 4-colour format with significant revision of figures and flowcharts.

• Many drugs like anticancer, anthelmintic, antimalarial, antiviral have been updated along with treatment guidelines for HIV and tuberculosis.

• Key points for dentists added wherever relevant, stimulates enthusiasm for subject.

• Inclusion of prescription writing section to help students accurately write prescriptions.

Salient Features:

• Updated content, figures, flowcharts with addition of specific description of drugs presented as headings and subheadings with different font. This style of presentation would not only make it easier for students to understand the subject in a better manner but would also help them to quickly review and revise the subject before examination.

• Text is presented in a simple, precise and point-wise manner, with complex information summarized in tables, student-friendly mnemonics, line diagrams and flowcharts, which makes the learning and comprehension easier for students.

• Mechanism of action of drugs are illustrated with diagrams and 11 animations for better understanding.

• Separate chapter on dental pharmacology discuss about the drugs used in dentistry.

ISBN: 9788131258170
e-Book ISBN: 9788131258187
Published Date: 2021
Page Count:  437, File Size: 39 Mb

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