Practical Periodontal Plastic Surgery, 1st Edition


Serge Dibart • Mamdouh Karima


Practical Periodontal Plastic Surgery provides the qualified and trainee periodontist with a pragmatic approach to mucogingival plastic surgery, imparting knowledge and expertise through its step-by-step examination of the actual clinical requirements of each procedure. The book focuses on the increasingly requested esthetic procedures such as crown lengthening and root coverage, but it also deals with other mucogingival operations, such as hard and soft pre-prosthetic and pre-implant ridge augmentation. Uniquely, there is also a focus on the burgeoning field of periodontal microsurgery, and the techniques and methods learned from other branches of microsurgery are applied to realities of dentistry, for enhanced soft tissue results.

ISBN: 978-0-8138-2268-6

Published Date:(September 2006)

Page Count: 109  , File Size: 9 Mb

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Newer 2nd edition also available:

Practical Periodontal Plastic Surgery, 2nd Edition

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