Short Textbook of Endodontics

Short Textbook of Endodontics


  • Aarti Daswani


In addition to incorporating the new developments in Endodontics, Short Textbook of Endodontics has been designed to cover each and every aspect of Endodontics in a concise yet comprehensive manner. Considering the fact that time is a critical factor in today’s competitive and busy world, there is no doubt that reading big fat textbooks to get through the examinations is an uphill task for the students. However, remembering the information is important and this requires repeated reading and revision. This book is expected to make reading Endodontics interesting and a fun-filled experience through the use of different memory improvement techniques. Purpose of this book is not to serve as replacement of standard textbook but to complement the textbook and be used solely for revision.
Thus, Short Textbook of Endodontics is a:

• Memory aid: That helps you memorize, retain and reproduce the required information of the basic texts.

• Rapid revision guide: That helps you save time and quickly revise the subject while preparing for the examinations.

ISBN: 9789352501212
Published Date: 2016
Page Count:  532 , File Size: 157 Mb

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Short Textbook of Endodontics