Step by Step Oral Radiology


Ram Kumar Srivastava


The aims and objectives of the book Step by Step Oral Radiology is to provide a basic and practical knowledge in the subject of dental radiography required by undergraduate and postgraduate dental students. The book is containing the text along with the diagrams and photographs for better understanding of the topics. Covered all the diseases related with the teeth and jaws and their normal appearance in radiographs. Imaging in dentistry is now recently introduced as a new technology into everyday clinical practice. Digital imaging including cone beam CT, MRI, ultra sonography, scintigraphy is included in the book. The contents of the book satisfy the requirement of most undergraduate and postgraduate dental students from examination point of view.

ISBN: 978-93-5025-085-3

Published Date: 2011

Page Count:  448 , File Size: 11 Mb

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