Adverse Drug Reactions in Dentistry (Oxford Medical Publications) 2nd Edition

  • Robin A. Seymour
  • J. G. Meechan
  • J. G. Walton

The new edition of Adverse Drug Reactions in dentistry updates and addresses many of the advances made in this area since publication of the very well received first edition, seven years ago. In particular, the authors have extensively revised the section on adverse drug reactions affecting the mouth and associated structures, to reflect increased drug usage in the population. There are two completely new chapters – on the problems of drug abuse and dentistry, and on the adverse effects of both nitrous oxide and of mercury on the dental surgeon and other staff.

From reviews of the first edition ….this book has a great deal on the plus side…the tables in the Appendix are excellent…This book will be of considerable value to dental undergraduates and a useful reference for all dental surgeons. British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

For the dental surgeon, this book tackles drug reaction in a practical and informative way…it will appeal and have practical application for the busy general practitioner, the hospital clinician and the postgraduate student….there are abundant well researched references…this publication is highly recommended. Dental Practice

ISBN: 978-0192625991
ISBN: 0192625993
Published Date: 1996
Page Count:  315 , File Size: 13 Mb

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