Mucocutaneous Lesions in Dentistry

  • Vijay Kumar Biradar

Mucocutaneous Lesions in Dentistry is a concise resource to assist dentists in identifying, diagnosing and treating a range of mucocutaneous lesions. Divided into twenty chapters, the book begins with an introduction and guide to classification of lesions, and each subsequent chapter covers the etiopathogenesis, clinical features and management of a specific disorder. Diseases and syndromes covered include hypersensitivity, CREST syndrome, psoriasis, pemphigus, Darier’s disease, white sponge nevus and Peutz-Jeghers syndrome. Mucocutaneous Lesions in Dentistry is enhanced by 163 images, illustrations and information tables, making it an ideal reference book for students and practising dentists.

Key Points Concise guide to mucocutaneous lesions Twenty chapters providing classification, histopathological features, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of a range of disorders 163 images, illustrations and tables

ISBN: 978-93-5250-040-6
Published Date: 2016
Page Count:  151 , File Size: 16 Mb

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