Science of Dental Materials Clinical Applications, 2nd Edition


V Shama Bhat
BT Nandish


This-textbook is meant to help the students and also teachers. The knowledge of basic sciences acquired by the present students admitted to the first year of B.D.S. course is taken as the base-line .. Care is taken to strike a balance between the basic sciences technologies and adequate orientation to the clinical applications. A slight different approach has been adopted as explained in the introduction to dentistry. This attempt has been made to develop a suitable standard textbook mainly for the B.D.S. students. Certain topics like materials used in orthodontia basic metallurgy ceramics etc. have been dealt with slightly greater details which may help the more intelligent undergraduate Students and as an introduction to the Postgraduate students of the particular specialties.

ISBN: 978-8123922447
e-Book ISBN: 978-93-877-4200-0
Published Date: 2017
 File Size: 16 Mb

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