The 20 Principles of the Alexander Discipline, Volume 1


R. G. “Wick” Alexander


Introduced in 1978, the Alexander Discipline represents a unique approach to orthodontic treatment; today, legions of clinicians around the world apply its 20 master principles in their practices. An outgrowth of the Tweed technique, these basic principles have been developed empirically over many years in the author’s own practice. Complete records of patients treated by the author dating back 25 years are presented to demonstrate specific results and the stability of treatment. This book will be of strong interest to anyone involved in the study or practice of orthodontics.

ISBN: 978-0-86715-467-2

Published Date: 2008

Page Count: 238  , File Size: 113 Mb

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Volume 2 & 3 also available:

The Alexander Discipline, Volume 2: Long-Term Stability in Orthodontics

The Alexander Discipline, Volume 3: Unusual and Difficult Cases

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